Monday, October 15, 2007


Argh! I have not blogged in so long! I am sorry for all those who actually have died because I have not blogged. That maybe nobody, or everybody.
It is my last the begining of my last one and a half weeks of school... forever. Fun.
Well, I felt like I should at least try and get a blog down on paper for now, to keep my site looking fresh, however rotten it is getting at the moment. And The school bell is going to go in a matter of seconds, so I cannot write more. I will definately try to get back into blogging some more. And commenting on other people's blogs.


Go there... now.


Princess Lauren said...

Wow you really have reached a Blog Wall! That is not good. You really hven't written any blogs in ages. I am dying, but not dead, from not having any blogs from you. Hehe!
Hope you had a great day

Em said...

I actually died, and then came back to life when I overheard a comment that you have blogged again.

Wow, finishing school forever. I want to, but also not, just a little. But I still want to finish.

Other than sit there and froth at the mouth, do you know what you are going to do next year?

Jono said...

Well, Emily, I may go over to all other colours, and cover them in flour. Then brother colours, then frother colours. Or maybe not. Maybe I alreay have. We will see.