Friday, August 31, 2007


A while ago, I wrote a post on my favourite characters of all time. I knew I would have forgotten some, but it didn't matter. But then I realised one character that I forgot that is so amazing that it must be mentioned. He even gets his very own post! Wow. His name is Merlin, and he is from the classic Disney movie: The Sword in the Stone. This movie was one of my favourites all through my childhood, and it was all because Merlin was such a funny and awesome character in it.
I cannot fully express how smanbastical Merlin is until you watch the movie. He is so infinately fantastic that you might die watching it, though. I may not be telling the truth about the dying part, there, but.
Anyway, I just thought I'd let you all know how awesome Merlin is, in case you didn't know, or simply remind you of it if you already did know.
Oh, and by the way, the picture at the top of this post is what merlin looks like when he transforms himself into a crab while fighting Madam Mim, who is a very funny character in her own right. I couldn't find a picture of Merlin on a plain background form Google, so I used this one instead. Awesome.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Yesterday, I went to a session at church where we gave information to and answered questions people had about Vetamorphus, who could potentially be wanting to do it next year at Doncaster Church fo Christ. For those reading who do not know what it is, Vetamorphus is a Certificate III VCE VET course in Christian Ministry. I did it last year with six of the most amazing people I have ever known.
During this meeting/presentation/information session, I felt the whole time this sick feeling in my stomach. A good sick feeling, though. I felt so sad that we were not doing vetamorphus anymore, and so happy that I had done it, and so blessed that I had built such a strong relationship with the five other people who were involved in it with me. I love friends, and I love all my friends so much, but there is this particular feeling of closeness that I feel with everybody in my Veta group that, whenever I think about, makes me smile on the inside, and on the outside.
I loved Vetamorphus. I loved growing in my faith. I loved learning more about Christianity. I loved doing so much for people through it. I loved having so much fun, Vetamorfun, during it. And I loved getting to love the other six people in it. Ben, Kelly, Lauren, Matt, Meagan, Simon, I love you all.
I strongly encourage everybody who has the opportunity, still, to get involved in it, as it is such a great experience. I miss it so much, and I hope that in the future, near and far, that I can do much with the people that I spent a year doing vetamorphus with. The V Team.
I want Vetamorphus again! Now now now now now.
The V Team is the coolest. One day we will all be superheroes and fly and save the world from all those other, more evil letters. And a movie will be made about us, and it won't be called V for Vendetta, but will be called V for Best. Or V for Veta. Either way. You decide which is more suitable.

Friday, August 24, 2007


No, I am not going to vent about anything, here. I merely wish to discuss venting and the like.
Last week at small group, the issue of letting people know how we feel about things came up, that is, not holding feelings back, and not venting stuff. Due to confidentiality of small group, I cannot talk about anything that we said, so I will not, but the issue was one I feel that I have different opinions to most about, and I feel like sharing that now. Yes. Sharing. If you ever have a custard cake... share it. Sharing is good.
Anyway, back to the point: When people get annoyed at others, or have something they wish to say to them, or somthing that they are holding back from them etc., there are always many issues as to why they should face up to them, and confront people, but also as to why this would be not so good. I have found through experience, and thinking about it myself as well, that I, personally, would 95 times out of 100, prefer whoever had something they could possibly be holding back from me to actually confront me about that stuff. I feel that if sombody feels somthing, they will feel it whether I know they are feeling it or not, so it is better for me to know what it is they are feeling. It is not like by me ignoring thigs, they do not exist. This is a very narrow and somewhat selfsih view, in my opinion, to me, at least. If sombody has a bone to pick with me, a compliment to give me, a concern to express to me, a feeling concerning me to share, or somehting to tell me at all, I would always prefer them to tell me.
So why, then, do I not tell otehr people when I have similar thoughts and feleings that need to be expressed? This is somehting I struggle with. I think that it is because I am not sure whether other people can take that sort of thing as well as, or in the same way as I can. From xperience I have learnt that some people can definately take things the wrong way. Although there are a few people who I feel particularily close to that I know I can tell them anything, tell them off about anything, express my feelings to and slap, metaphorically, (or not) when it is needed, most people I am never sure whether they will take something the wrong way. The dilemma is left, then, of is it appropriote to say certain things at certain times? When and how can I vent to people. Is it importnat to vent to sombody separated form the scenario, if I deem it not right to confront the person just yet? I think the answer to this last question is yes. But there could also be times when that is not appropriote.
Argh! I am being very vauge and broad right now, but I don't care. It is somthing that I have just been struggling with (Not often strongly, just always a little bit, every now and then) for almost my whole life. I thought I could blog about it, though.
I am actually not frusterated or in any of these sorts of situations at the moment, though. I am actually in a state of complete happiness, except for my stupid driving lessons. I don't want to do them. They cost money. I just thought this was an issue that I could share my thoughts about, and possiblky spark some discussion. Yes, discussion. That means commenting. Comment now! But you dont have to if you don't want to. But yes, comment now. Now! BUt no, I am not pressuring at all. You are a porecious reader, and you don't need to comment. But you can if you want. There, that sounds better. Awesome.
Thankyou for reading.
Bang. I am finished.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I haven't posted for a whole week. Wow, I have been so lazy recently. And I feel bad if this post if of little interest to others, as it will probably just end up being another post recapping what has gone on in my lfie recently, as at the moment, eveything that is happening all the time is so awesome. Well, this weekend was very smanbastical... wait, I know. I shall say it all in 25 point form. Yessss. That is always relatively fun. This weekend, I have done the following things, and they have made my weekend so very fantastic.

1 - Having fun at Youth Group on Friday night, even though where we went wasn't the best of places to go.
2 - Having small group before Youth Group, and just having a conversation about relationships, in general.
3 - Buying fish and chips from the fish and chip shop, and getting chicken salt without even asking for it.
4 - Watching SDM episode 5.
5 - Going shopping on Saturday, and buying many cool things.
6 - Walking around the shops with Lauren, while doing the above.
7 - Administering another installment of Blob.
8 - Having Lauren over for dinner.
9 - Going out to Crown to watch a Ray Charles impersonator. He was awesome.
10 - Drinking champagne. Awesome.
11 - Going for a walk in the city at night time.
12 - Standing on a bridge over the Yarra, and enjoying the scenery and the company.
13 - Waking up as the light shines into my room (or the room that I was sleeping in), and being able to fall back to sleep, without worrying about rushing out the door for anything.
14 - Scrambled eggs.
15 - Watching Beauty and the Beast. Disney movies are the best. Ever.
16 - Relaxing at home.
17 - Leading at the Garage, and printing our hands onto a big, white canvas.
18 - Church. Listening to half of dad's sermon, singing, etc.
19 - Speaking with friends about nothingness, and some somthingnesses as well, like Blob, SDM, Cb's, etc.
20 - Actually going out with everybody when they went out for food after church.
21 - Having fun at TGI's with friends.
22 - Laughing at Brendan. He is fun to laugh at.
23 - Free refills.
24 - Going to bed nice and early.
25 - Remenicing (I am almost 100% sure that is not how you spell it) about how good the weekend was while indulging on chocolate in bed.

Most of these things include Lauren, in some way or other, and that is because I pretty much did spend most of the weekend with her. And I don't care what other people think about how I am spending my time, because I am so happy, and spending quality time with Lauren is making me so happy, and I have so much fun with her. Happy. Happyface. I also spent time with friends over this weekend, and I really love spending time with friends. I want more time with friends. Now. Now now now. It is so stupid that there is not enough time to casually visit friends every day, and the like. I wish nobody was every busy, and we could live in super-fun-happy land and spend all day doing what we feel like doing, and not what we have to do. This time can be found, though, just not now.
And right then, I became very excited about our week (or two) in Phillip Island at the Jolly's Retreat! My goodness, I am so excited. I really want to just be able to relax with friends for ages, like I could at Jolly's last year. I want stupid school to be over so that I can do Jolly's holiday. Yay!
I am excited about everything right now. I feel like jumping around and hugging people. But actually, I don't, because I am in the library right now. That would be a little bit inappropriote. Maybe.
I had a dream that I was flying while holding some sort of plastic bag thing with a handle last night. That was interesting.
And I hope this post was interesting too.
Because now it is finished.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Update 2

I am the king of original post titles. And isn;t this one the best of them all? Yes, yes it is. It may have been simply "Update", but that has been used as a post title previously.
Ok, so there are many things which are happening in my life at the moment. I shall share a few of these. First and foremost is school, as per usual. Why is this foremost? Well, that is because I am at it right now, and I guess it is meant to be occupying my mind at the moment, even if it is not. I have much homework and stuff to do for school at the moment, which is annoying, and I also have a large concert on this Thursday. This concert is called the "MHS combined Winter Concert", and it is very exciting. It is our biggest concert of the year, where we hire out Dallas Brooks Theater and put on all of our school's best bands, choirs, etc. And, without sounding arrogant, or anything, the best of MHS music department is damn good. So, that is happening, which will be cool, especially considering it will mean we don't have to practice the same things in our band rehearsals as we have been practicing for the last four or so months. Also, especially considering I am playing a solo for the Lion King medley we are laying as part of our Combined Concert Band's section, in which I play the voice of Scar in "Be Prepared" with my awesome Baritone Saxophone.
That aside, yesterday was my One Month anniversary with the most excellent Lauren Pinches. I don't know why I typed "One Month" with capitals, but I did. And I am glad. Glad that I did. Anyway, that was very cool. To properly mark the anniversary, we stayed up until 4.30am that morning, as it was exactly one month from that time that we started going out. We spent a very awesome morning together, and then saw eachother again at church later that evening/afternoon. What an audacious day it was. What does audacious mean? I don't think it means what I want it to mean. As a present from Lauren yesterday, I got some pictures /photos of friends and her, and a lobster, to stick on my wall, and make it look special, I spent much time last night dancing around my room, sticking them to my door with Blu Tak (Is that how you spell it?) that I stole from my sister's room, while speaking on the phone. It was so exciting. And now my door looks very awesome. Smanbastical, even.
Something I just found out: Double Indo is cancelled this afternoon! Yessss! I get to go home early and not do the SAC we were going to do during that period. Wow, that is awesomeface.
At the moment, I am feeling rather happy about everything. Everything. I am just in a happy I love everything and everyone mood. Yay! And by "I love everyone", yes, that does mean you as well, yes, whoever is reading this. Even if I don't know who you are. But even more so if I do. My life is going rather good at the moment. For more information abuot this, scroll down and read the post about 25 recent points of awesomeness. But there are some otehr things I would like to be doing, but I simply do not have the time to do them right now. I need a week away from school, right now, to do these things. These are just some of the things I want to do, and soon, but do not have the time:
- Find/ compile/ arrange/ compose Barber Shop music for my BarberShop Quartet, which is yet to have formed, and then practice with them, and get some sort of act together.
- Write more Gammana.
- Write me and Ben Chong's elements story with him.
- Draw various things.
- Write various other things.
- Spend some one-on-one time with friends. (I have been wanting to make an effort to do this for a long time. I am so slack. I will try harder now. Yes.)
- Go on a bike ride, again. I have missed doing this recently.
- Get ahead on school work. (Emphasis on ahead. Keeping up is easy)
- Work out all the other things that I kow I want to do, but can;t think of them right now.
Of course, there are other things besides those those that I want to/ need to do, but I can make time for those things, and I already have made time for those otern things, to the most part. I just want a little bit of extra time to catch up on all those little things that I just don't get time to do. Where is the end of Year 12? I want it, and I want it now. Now now now now now.

And I will finish this post. It has been a long post, I should think. Maybe you wont feel like reading it all, because it is so long. But why did I say that at the end of the post, and not the start? I don't know. Maybe because I didn't expect it to be so long. That;s the end. Finish.

Oh yes, and I fell through the roof of the church. Literally. Watch this space for a post about that one. Maybe. But don't watch this space. Watch the space above this post, as that is where new posts will appear.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

One fish two fish

One Fish
two fish
red fish
blue fish.

Black fish
blue fish
old fish
new fish.

This one has a little star.
This one has a little car.
Say! what a lot
of fish there are.

Yes. Some are red. And some are blue.
Some are old. And some are new.
Some are sad.
And some are glad.
And some are very, very bad.

Why are they
sad and glad and bad?
I do not know.
Go ask your dad.

Some are thin.
And some are fat.
The fat one has
a yellow hat.

From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things
are everywhere.

-Dr. Seuss

Very Short Post

Wow, how short is this post? I thought I would write a short post, once. And now it is finished.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


For the last four years, approximately, there has been a game in existance, known as Blob. At first, it started out as a pen and paper game I ran for my siblings and friends on a holiday. After that, I ran it as a pen and paper game, using MS paint for my siblings. Following this, I transformed Blob into an online e-mail game. The first online e-mail version of Blob is now referred to as Blob version 3. Version 4 of Blob has just concluded and verison 5 is about to start.
Basically, I wanted to blog about it because it is a game that has occupied much of my time, and I like very much. I want the whole woprld to know and understand just how grat blob is. Yes, it is that great.
So, what is this blob? Well. I shall give all those uneducated oens out there the run down. Primarily, you own a virtual pet known as a blob. As the owner of this blob, you get to move your blob around a map, pick up items to sustain your hunger, replenish HP and fill your wallet. You also get to find shops, buy items, weapons, and if you work up enough experience, undertake an evolution, by which you get to make subtle choices as to what your blob will grow up to look and be like. And what do you do with your blob? You search the map for other people's blobs, and you fight them! Eventually, one blob in a fight is so much stronger than another, that the loser blob in the fight loses so much HP that they are killed. When one blob is left on the map, that blob is the winner. I don't know whether that description of blob makes sense. I hope it does. If not, you can ask me all you want about this fantastic game!
Now, every time I get the commands for what each blob is to do for that turn, I write them down, and move everybody on the map, and do what was asked of their blob. Then, I send a picture of the blobs back. The picture I send back, in essence, is your blob. A blob picture contains an image of what your blob looks like, items and all, as well as their stats, hunger, health, strength and magic. The picture also contains a small section of the map, so that the blob owner can decide which direction to travel in next. There is also a space for availiable items for purchase, if you are near enough to a shop.
What a great game blob is!

This, here, is the blob picture you get sent for every turn you make. You can see the picture of the blob (Named "Eye's Envy"), and stats, money etc. and the section of the map. This is what a standard blob looked like in Blob version 3.

This, here is a certain blob from Blob version 4, named Princess Sparkle. This is the version of blob that has recently concluded, with a blob named Duke as it's winner. The look and stats of this blob have been developed according to the evolution choices made by the blob owner. E.g. thie owner of this blob chose evolutions such as an "Air" evolution, which is mostly why it looks like some form of eagle person.

This is what a blob will look like in the new version of Blob, known to most as Blob 5. It is very similar to blob 4, although it has an isometric map, and 3-d graphs etc. It looks better, basically, and the owners have more options and things to do. Awesome. Blob is awesome.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tulisan Istimewa

Pembaca yth.

Aku sudah mengirim bahwa karena saya bisa berbicara dalam bahasa Indonesia, dan aku mempunyai blog, aku seharusnya menulis tulisan untuk blog itu dalam bahasa ini. Wah! Ide baik, ya? Ya.
Ada banyak yang aku bisa menulis di sini, tetapi aku tidak akan menulis itu karena kebanyakan orang yang akan membaca tulisanku juga tidak bisa mengerti kata-kata ini, sehingga, tidak ada informasi penting dalam blog ini. Aku kira bahwa kalau saya berkata nama seorang yang akan membaca ini, misalnya Ben, Emily atau Kyla (dll.) dia mungkin mau tahu apakah yang ditulis oleh penulis tulisan ini.
Ada nama lain yang saya juga bisa mengunakan, yaitu nama seperti Lauren. Lucu, ya, karena orang-orang yang disebut tidak tahu apakah yang ditulis tentang mereka. Lucu, atau tidak lucu? Aku kurang pasti.
Aku seharusnya tidak terus dengan ini, karena aku tahu bahwa ada banyak orang yang tidak bisa membaca ini. Maaf tentang post ini. Mungkin kamu kira bahwa ini nggak baik? Aku nggak tahu. Aku kira bahwa ini menarik sekali, karena ini dalam bahasa yang tidak bahasa Inggris.


Hormat Saya.


Monday, August 06, 2007

25 Recent Points of Awesomeness

The last few weeks have been pretty much the greatest weeks ever. I am so happy and energised and everything right now. Life is awesome. And to share this awesomeness with the blog world, I have decided to list 25 reasons why the last 3-4 weeks have been the greatest ever. Ready? Yes. Go!

1 - Blob (Version 4) administering. Has been very fun.
2 - Creating Blob Version 5.
3 - Starting to set up people and their blobs for Blob Version 5.
4 - Being able to blog, and have fun while doing so.
5 - Filming SDM.
6 - Watching SDM on the internet. ( - go there. Now.)
7 - Spending time with friends - always good.
8 - Asking out a most amazing girl.
9 - Spending time with her.
10 - Having many days off early from school.
11 - Having my Year 12 Formal.
12 - Turning 18.
13 - 18th birthday party.
14 - Playing Bop It. (Don't know what it is? Come to my house. Now. I will educate you.)
15 - Beating my P.B. on my regular running track.
16 - Eating burnt pizza. Awesome. But really. Awesome.
17 - Pasing my Hazard Perception Test.
18 - Going to a Casino for the first time. And losing a grand total of $8.
19 - Reading the last Harry Potter.
20 - Listening to Dream Theater. Yes. Very awesome. (Don't know who they are? Come to my house. Now. I will educate you.)
21 - Having not much homework that I have to do.
22 - Drawing various pictures.
23 - Having some quality chats with friends that I wouldn't expect it from.
24 - Thinking about how awesome the last few weeks have been.
25 - Knowing that there are plenty more things I could write here, but don't have enough room, and cannot go over my 25 point limit.

Friday, August 03, 2007


I have nothing to write a blog about. So I am starting this post without any idea of where it is going to go. I am making up these words as I go. Like improvising, but blog style.
Speaking of improvising, I am goign to go and watch our school's house Theater Sports this afternoon, but am not involved in them, unfortunately. Theater Sports are the funnest. Theaters are good. Especially Dream Theaters. There is this one band, called Dream Theater. They are the best band ever. If you have not listened to them, before, go. Now! And listen. Or find somebody who has some of their stuff, and then listen. Either way is good. Good. Should. Could. Cod. Fish.
Fish is nice when it is cooked well. Sometimes fish is not very nice to eat, but sometimes it is very nice to eat. I do not like fish that has bones in it, so that you have to eat it carefully, and with samll bites and whatever. That is annoying. Annoyinghead. Annoyingface. Face. Mace. Lace. Trace. Grace. Gram. Gamma. Gammana.
If you want something interesting to read, go to I have been writing this, but am getting sliughtly slack. More interest would mean more faster writing. Maybe. I am not sure. I have been meaning to do a lot of things recently, during my spare time and what not, mostly for my own satisfaction and what not, but I juist have not been ablke to get around to all these things, which annoys me. I really want some holidays, where I can set time aside to do all the things I have wanted to be doing for a long time. E.g. sit down and have a real hard crack at finishing off this story that I am writing. (And many other things).
I hate how homework takes up so much time, even though I spend hardly any time doing it. It just makes me feel like doing nothing. Yes, nothing. Meaning I don't even do homework. Argh! Frusterating. I know I should od somewthing abouit this, but it is so hard to find the motivation, when there are so many other things I could be doing that are far more interesting and fun. Like blob. If you don't know what blob is, then find out. I will post on it one day, and about what benefits it has had for me and what not. But I don;t want anybody to feel like they are left out if I post about it, because it is something that involves some of my blog readers, and not others. Hmmm.
The previous post I wrote was a poem, yes? Yes. That was an awesome poem. It has much hidden meaning. I like hidden meaning in poems, It is fun. Jun. Jon. Jono.
I am Jono.
Yay! Blob!
That is all.

The End.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Such a Brilliant Hat

I was a little bush xark, and very little was me.
Little enough to be afraid of even a simple bee.

Once on a stormy night, or even in the morning.
Very cold leaves, were falling onto the awning.

Enthusiastically, I bounced and rolled around in the cold.
Yawning, also, because I was so tired, and so old.

"Oh my!" I said. "Would you look at that!"
"Under that tree trunk, a beautiful hat!"

Lying on my back, I rolled over to the item that I saw.
A magnificent hat it was! A hat that many would adore.

Under that nice and splendid hat, which sat atop my head,
Rejoicing, indeed, I was! Even though I should have been in bed.

Enemies, baddies, and goblins appeared in the cold night.
Nevertheless, I was happy, and did not feel a fright.

A few more came, yet I remained quite alright.
Light seemed surround me, and all was very bright.

"What a nice hat!" I said, while storing it in my pack, which in comparison, was lighter.
"A very nice hat, indeed! This hat really does make the world seem brighter."

Yawning again, I realised how much I loved this hat in my pack.
So very much, that brilliant hat. All the way to Neptune and back.