Tuesday, September 25, 2007

25 Things of Recentness

I wish I had something interesting to write about right now, but I do not, and an just in a rambling mood. Yes, lately my posts have not been of much substance, but who cares? Not me. Well, I am currently typing this on a laptop! How very awesome. Why is it awesome? It is awesome because I like pressing the keys of a laptop computer. They are so much quieter than a normal computer's keys, and they feel so much more satisfying to press. So, that is what I am thinking about right now: simply that using this keyboard is so cool. And I actually don't have anything else to write about. Hmm, but I feel so much like writing something. Ok, I know, I shall do another list of 25 things that have happened recently, as, as is mentioned in a previous post, there has been much happening lately, but most of it, for some obscure reason, I don't feel like writing much about, both because I am over it, or because it is so good that I feel like I will not be doing it justice by writing whatever I would end up writing about it. Ok, so here it is: 25 things that have happened recently. In no particular order.

1- Chris Davies got back from America today.
2- I have finished my two VisCom folios, and handed them in.
3- I am currently in holidays, and am very much enjoying that fact.
4- I have only a few days left to put in my preferrences for what uni courses I want to do next year.
5- I have much studying to do over the holidays, which will probably not end up getting done.
6- I have my Indonesian Oral exam on the first day back from school, on Monday, and I am not prepared for it at all!
7- After the holidays, I have ten more days left of school... forever!
8- The SDM is finished, and screened for the first time, as a feature length film, Sunday night at the church. You can find the full SDM at serialdrama.com!
9- I have been building stuff for people recently, and I now am getting sick of the smell of Craft Glue. But it is not that bad.
10- I had practice exams last week. Im missed one of them. Fun!
11- Blob is going good. As always. I think the new people to the game are enjoying it also, and getting into it, however much that is possible. Awesome.
12- I began writing Magenta for the second time.
13- I have been neglecting all my blogs somewhat recently.
14- I have been spending much time with Lauren Pinches recently, as well. Awesome.
15- My family (mostly my parents) are being rather annoying about me spending all my time doing work for school. Although they have been a bit better a bit more recently.
16- I have been getting quality sleep, too, which is good, apart from a few nights when I have not had very much, like last night. And now I am a little bit tired.
17- We had a really good small group meeting on friday, and I had a lot of fun eating dinner at the Waters' afterwards.
18- I am feeling rather unhealthy, too, as I have not done much excercise for a while. I should do some. Soon. I am on holidays, so it should be possible.
19- I am running out of things to say.
20- I am realising that I know there is plenty more I can say, but it is all just not coming straight to me at this moment.
21- I am very excited about the rest if the holidays, even if I am going to feel guilty the whole time for not doing work.
22- Right now, I am in Lauren's house, alone. I let myself in. It is a strange feeling, given that it is not my house an' all, but awesome. Lily and Tess are keeping me company. Don't know who they are? You should find out.
23- I have been watching much 'That 70's Show' in the last few days. It is a very cool show, you should all watch it.
24- I read a Fred Basset the other day. It is not very cool. You should not read it. In fact, if youn see it, burn it and bury the ashes and flag the spot you buried it so that you can avoid that place in the future. Actually, it is not that bad. Or is it? You decide.
25- I need to go to the toilet right now, so I will.

I am fairly sure the quality of those points went downhill towards the end, but oh well, I don't care, I just like typing with this keyboard. It doesn't matter what I say. That is all, for now.
Mainly pointless and rambling post is now over.


B.C. said...

WYR: Write another rambling list and make me want even more to just see you write something interesting again OR be fred basset?


Princess Lauren said...

Yay, I love this list of ramblings as I am in them.
I hope that you can find what it is you have lost in your blogging. Your blog use to have such substance and I hope that you can get this back.

Em said...

I don't like Fred Basset. Maybe I just don't understand it... but still not funny.

I also like laptops, the keyboards are awesome and this is the second time today that the subject has come up for me.

Yay blob! I'm not so good this time. Bah. Coming 6th I think.

Glad that the 'blog wall' seems to be.. er... not there, whatever... Can't find the proper words.

Sarah L said...

so a) fred bassett is the most annoying thing of all time. so i agree with that, and also b) how awesome are laptops!! c) ilove your rambling lists, in fact I feel like making one.