Thursday, April 12, 2007


Characters are arguably my favourite thing ever. I get inspired most of all by fiction, stories and the like, whether that be movies, serials, books or whatever. That is my passion. But within these things, my favourite aspect is that of character. To me, a story is really good so long as its characters are good. Some stories have crap characters but a good plot, this makes the story bad to me. But a story with awesome characters and a crap plot is good to me. Mind you, plot is very significant, still, for a good story. Note: When I say story, I mean any sort of story, not just books.
Anyway, I love characters so much, they are my favourite. Some characters are so good they make me melt. I actually melted a few times. Melting is fun. Anyway, I have decided to share a few of my very favourite characters, below. There are many mroe characters that I love, but I either couldn't find a picture of them, there isn't a picture fo them, or I simply couldn't be bothered finding any more pictures. Here are my favourite characters:

GANDALF: Wow, Gandalf is so cool. For those who havn't seen Lord of the Rings, or read the books, you cannot possibly understand how cool Gandalf is. He's pretty much the best I know of. If I was a character from Lord of the Rings, I would be Gandalf. And Iam Mckellan played him so well in the movie that I have decided he is one of my favourite actors. Yay! Fun!

AURON: Aha! Nobody knows who this is. He is quite clearly one of the greatest characters ever invented. I'll leave you to find out who he is, but he cannot be understood untill you've at least seen him in his original context. Definately one of my favourites. Best best best best best.

JACK SPARROW: It shames me to say that he is one of my favourites, but I simply couldn't deny it. He is right up there. Besides the awesome plot line, he is half of why Pirates of the Caribbean so good. Unfortunately, many twelve year olod girls and the like have ruined his image, but as a character in the actual movie, he is so good. Good good good.

OBELIX: If you have ever read Asterix, you will understand that Obelix is very much the best character in it. He is so stupid, yet so strong, and so helpful yet so annoying. And he has such a cool little dog. And he is incredably fat. He is also, most of the time, very funny, and oblivious to the world. I like.

COSMO: Alright, I watch kids T.V. So what? We all do. And as much as nobody will admit it, you have all seen Cosmo. But maybe not. I don't care, I have seen him and that's all that matters. Despite being for a significantly younger age group, I love Fairly Odd Parents, it actually makes me laugh, especially Cosmo. He is so smanbastical. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks so, but I don't care. Watch Fairly Odd Parents. Cosmo is cool. Channel 2.


B.C. said...

I enjoyed this. There is not too much feedback I feel I will give. However, another important cool thing about Obelix. The fact he always carries around his giant obelisks and stores them. Why? Nobody knows. But it is cool.

I haven't ever thought about who my favourite characters are. But anyway...

Who is your fav. Power Ranger?
Who is your fav. TMNT?
Who is your fav. Pokemon?
Who is your fav. hero of all time?

emmalee said...

oh my gosh!
cosmo is MY favourite!
and i watch abc all the time?
embarassing? never.
i love cosmo. and his green hair. and his lack of smarts.
ohhh the love.
i also heart gandalf.
but i heart cosmo the mostest.
also, im probably the only person in the world that doesnt think johnny depp is that goodlooking?
thats all.

Captain Best said...

Ben- POWER RANGER= Black. He was always my favourite. Not sure why. Maybe it was because he was forced upon me when ben (brother) wouldn't let me be the red one, when we played together.
TMNT- Smae thing, but this time orange. Maybe because ben always got to be Raphael. On recent thoughts, though, leo is my favourite. I'm sure you would like Donatello, is ths right, ben?
POKEMON- I'll think on it. Mewtow, but is that copping out?
HERO- Captain Best.

Emmalee- (complete with good spelling ability) Cosmo is so funny. I didn't know if anybody else would even know who he was. The way he's so stupid, and the way he says 'yay'. And how he's meant to be a godparent, but he is stupider than Timmy. Timmy is an average kid, and no-one understands. Mum and dad and Betty always giving him demands. Haha! I now the whole song.

Captain Best said...

BEN! I found out whyat a Obelix carries! It's called a menhir, wich I found out the otehr day from reading one of the Asterix books at school. Just then, I researched it on wikipedia. Wow, theyr'e real things, and their purpose is not known. What a ridiculous commodity.

B.C. said...

Jono. My favourite ranger was red or blue. TMNT was Raph or Donatello, you are right. I always had an affinity (what a cool word) with the angry ones (red) or the really smart ones. In first season Power Rangers, that was the blue, and obviously, Donatello is the same for TMNT. Mewtwo is a loser and you need to find someone better. A major downside for Mewtwo - he can't evolve! That's half the fun of when I watched pokemon.

Spelling error: Haha! I KNOW the whole song. I believe you corrected me on this not even 24 hours ago.

I love menhirs. My favourite. I'm going to use them to build my house, giving them a purpose.

Em said...

J to the Ono: Yay! Gandalf is my favourite too! I wish I was a hobbit so I could see Gandalf all the time. Or an elf. I would say Gandalf himself, but then I couldn't bask in his awseomness because Gandalf isn't that self-centered.

Auron = Don't know.

Jack Sparrow = Awesome, without him, the movie would be worth Jack crap... no pun intended.

Obelix = Don't know him really, although I recognize him as the fat man from a preveous post or yours.

Cosmo = Haven't really got into Fairly Odd Parents. Seen it a few times, but it never caught on.

B to the C:
-Pink & Yellow, because they were the girls, and I liked the girl Power Rangers back in the day. Josh and I still re-enact PRs.
-I can't decide, tempted to say Pikachu, but that's the easy way out. Actually, that one on ther evil side. Sorry, I can't remember names or anything, team rocket or whatever, that blue pokemon that only ever screamed it's name.
-Pretty much... dunno.

Em to the Malee:
I do not think Johnny Depp is that good looking. I think he's absolutely amazing at what he does, but I don't find him all that attractive.