Monday, August 20, 2007


I haven't posted for a whole week. Wow, I have been so lazy recently. And I feel bad if this post if of little interest to others, as it will probably just end up being another post recapping what has gone on in my lfie recently, as at the moment, eveything that is happening all the time is so awesome. Well, this weekend was very smanbastical... wait, I know. I shall say it all in 25 point form. Yessss. That is always relatively fun. This weekend, I have done the following things, and they have made my weekend so very fantastic.

1 - Having fun at Youth Group on Friday night, even though where we went wasn't the best of places to go.
2 - Having small group before Youth Group, and just having a conversation about relationships, in general.
3 - Buying fish and chips from the fish and chip shop, and getting chicken salt without even asking for it.
4 - Watching SDM episode 5.
5 - Going shopping on Saturday, and buying many cool things.
6 - Walking around the shops with Lauren, while doing the above.
7 - Administering another installment of Blob.
8 - Having Lauren over for dinner.
9 - Going out to Crown to watch a Ray Charles impersonator. He was awesome.
10 - Drinking champagne. Awesome.
11 - Going for a walk in the city at night time.
12 - Standing on a bridge over the Yarra, and enjoying the scenery and the company.
13 - Waking up as the light shines into my room (or the room that I was sleeping in), and being able to fall back to sleep, without worrying about rushing out the door for anything.
14 - Scrambled eggs.
15 - Watching Beauty and the Beast. Disney movies are the best. Ever.
16 - Relaxing at home.
17 - Leading at the Garage, and printing our hands onto a big, white canvas.
18 - Church. Listening to half of dad's sermon, singing, etc.
19 - Speaking with friends about nothingness, and some somthingnesses as well, like Blob, SDM, Cb's, etc.
20 - Actually going out with everybody when they went out for food after church.
21 - Having fun at TGI's with friends.
22 - Laughing at Brendan. He is fun to laugh at.
23 - Free refills.
24 - Going to bed nice and early.
25 - Remenicing (I am almost 100% sure that is not how you spell it) about how good the weekend was while indulging on chocolate in bed.

Most of these things include Lauren, in some way or other, and that is because I pretty much did spend most of the weekend with her. And I don't care what other people think about how I am spending my time, because I am so happy, and spending quality time with Lauren is making me so happy, and I have so much fun with her. Happy. Happyface. I also spent time with friends over this weekend, and I really love spending time with friends. I want more time with friends. Now. Now now now. It is so stupid that there is not enough time to casually visit friends every day, and the like. I wish nobody was every busy, and we could live in super-fun-happy land and spend all day doing what we feel like doing, and not what we have to do. This time can be found, though, just not now.
And right then, I became very excited about our week (or two) in Phillip Island at the Jolly's Retreat! My goodness, I am so excited. I really want to just be able to relax with friends for ages, like I could at Jolly's last year. I want stupid school to be over so that I can do Jolly's holiday. Yay!
I am excited about everything right now. I feel like jumping around and hugging people. But actually, I don't, because I am in the library right now. That would be a little bit inappropriote. Maybe.
I had a dream that I was flying while holding some sort of plastic bag thing with a handle last night. That was interesting.
And I hope this post was interesting too.
Because now it is finished.


B.C. said...

Yes. Jolly Retreat. An email you STILL have not replied to. GET ON IT

Princess Lauren said...

The weekend was epic and so enjoyable. Standing on the bridge was the best.
I also cannot wait for the a jolly holiday at the Jolly Retreat. This is something to look forward to.
Well now that I have had my break from my essay writing, I am going straight back to it.
Enjoy the rest of your day and work hard.

Jono said...

Yes, standing on bridge was the best. And Ben, all times are good for Phillip Island. There are only a few people and things in my life that could be more important than Phillip Island, and they are going on this holiday to Phillip Island with me, so if anythig tries to get in the way of whatever time is convinient. Bashed.

Kyla said...

Yay! Very excited about the Jolly Retreat. It shall be fun.