Monday, August 27, 2007


Yesterday, I went to a session at church where we gave information to and answered questions people had about Vetamorphus, who could potentially be wanting to do it next year at Doncaster Church fo Christ. For those reading who do not know what it is, Vetamorphus is a Certificate III VCE VET course in Christian Ministry. I did it last year with six of the most amazing people I have ever known.
During this meeting/presentation/information session, I felt the whole time this sick feeling in my stomach. A good sick feeling, though. I felt so sad that we were not doing vetamorphus anymore, and so happy that I had done it, and so blessed that I had built such a strong relationship with the five other people who were involved in it with me. I love friends, and I love all my friends so much, but there is this particular feeling of closeness that I feel with everybody in my Veta group that, whenever I think about, makes me smile on the inside, and on the outside.
I loved Vetamorphus. I loved growing in my faith. I loved learning more about Christianity. I loved doing so much for people through it. I loved having so much fun, Vetamorfun, during it. And I loved getting to love the other six people in it. Ben, Kelly, Lauren, Matt, Meagan, Simon, I love you all.
I strongly encourage everybody who has the opportunity, still, to get involved in it, as it is such a great experience. I miss it so much, and I hope that in the future, near and far, that I can do much with the people that I spent a year doing vetamorphus with. The V Team.
I want Vetamorphus again! Now now now now now.
The V Team is the coolest. One day we will all be superheroes and fly and save the world from all those other, more evil letters. And a movie will be made about us, and it won't be called V for Vendetta, but will be called V for Best. Or V for Veta. Either way. You decide which is more suitable.


Princess Lauren said...

Oh Vetamorphus was so amazing. I would give anything to do 2006 all over again, as it was such a great year of searching, wrestling, questioning and strengthening. To all of the V-Team, I, like Jono, love you all and am so sad that we will not join again on a Friday afternoon, just the seven of us, to discuss everything or anything.
I look forward to seeing who the next group of Vetamorphus people are. I hope they also have a fantastic year.

emmalee said...

I think its great you will always hold a closeness for those six people, and that you got to experience a year of this.
i hope the next years veta group have as much fun and learning as you did

Jono said...

Thanks guys, yay! Comments!
I have so much hope for the next year of Vetamorphus at Doncaster.
And I don;t wish we could do 2006 again, as I loved it the way it was. INstead, I would lvoe to do Vetamorphus again, and do year 11 again, without the part-time job on the side. And do it all in 2008. Yesss! What a good idea. No stupid Uni, only school again, and Veta again! Yay! Fun!

Em said...

I think you all have had much different experiences to Veta than me.
Don't get me wrong, I love it and I'm learning so much new stuff.
But the main thing most of you guys got out of it seemed to be relationships, which I haven't been too great at.
There is only one other person in my group, which is ok, we get along fine but there is no close friendship like you had with your fellow peers.

I feel kind of... out of place at the retreats, everyone goes to the same school or church, they have their own little cliques and talk about things and people I don't know. Everyone is really loud and outgoing, but I'm not. I'm shy and quiet, and I don't know anyone except my small peer group and Digger.

I wish my experience of Vetamorphus would be as enjoyable and amazing as your experience, but it's just not.
Either way, I'm still very glad that I'm doing it.

Princess Lauren said...

Emily, stick with it, continue to look for those relationships as they are there.
Coming into Vetamorphus I was only good friends with one other person, besides that, the other 6 were just people I knew of. I am also a shy person, yet by the end of the year and the consolidation of seeing the other guys this year, I have become quite close with them. It takes awhile to build relationships, so be patient. Remember also that you get out of Vetamorphus what you want to. Everyone gets something different out of the experience. It will all be worth it at the end of the year.
I hope the rest of the year goes really well and you grow and journey as a person.

PS. I always felt extremely awkward at the retreats as I knew no one, so very similar to you.

Sime said...

SO pleased that Veta was a great experience for you. You have grown in some fantastic ways over the past years and I have been very lucky to be a part of your journey.

Em said...

Thanks, Lauren, that's really encouraging to me :)